V- Sec it is then!!

All they want to know is which gender your baby is !! And then the next big question “Is it normal or C-sec? “.

My big question is why is it called normal when you go through so much of pain.. Hell no it’s not normal to push a cantaloupe sized (or bigger) head and a fully developed little human out through a tiny birth canal. As if this wasn’t labor enough, then comes the episiotomy. Am not sure if this happens abroad but at least ย in India this procedure has become mandatory reason being that it heals better if the cut is made by scissor than by pushing.

Everybody you know would just talk about how difficult labor is but nobody talks about the aftermath which I think is even more grueling. Let me just break your bubble if you think labor is the end of your misery. It is actually a piece of cake compared to what is going to be hitting you the next may be 12 months ๐Ÿ˜‚

1. The stitches are going to be painful. You won’t be able to sit,stand/shit properly for almost a month or more- Try sitz bath or mama bear perennial spray for relief apart from pain killers

2.You will have contractions after you deliver eveytime you feed your bub. Don’t worry you are not delivering another baby!!(Although it feels like It)

3. You would develop haemorrhoids or at least you would feel a discomfort whenever you poop- you get over the counter meds / creams and sitz bath also helps.

4. You would have lost control of your sphincter muscles. Don’t worry this is not permanent.Until then you have to bear the brunt.

5.Sleep is a distant dream.And there is nothing you can do about this

6. Many new moms ( including me ) would gain weight too!! ( like that extra baggage that you carried through your pregnancy wasn’t enough). Unless you sweat it it’s going nowhere

7. Cracked and sore nips. Trust me if your nips had a mind of their own or if they can talk ,they would have waged a war against you!! Your little human will be gnawing and munching on it happily!! Try using a nip guard /nip cream for relief.

8. Latching is the new dear word you would learn and will be using more often now

9.You feel like half of your private part is missing .. Fret not its still there intact or it will grow soon.Until then be gentle

10. Intimacy- how can we not talk about this. Well, you will feel like you never ever want to have a physical relationship with your hubby anymore. Don’t worry it’s just a phase and thou shall pass too!!! However if you do feel like it just wait till your doc gives a green signal(which usually is 45-60days)

So after going through all this No am not calling it normal delivery , if anything am calling it a Vaginal section just like Caesarian section.

All this drama is only for V-sec , C- sec has its own set of drama and girls who go through it have to have ย a different set of strength..

Hang in there all you supergirlies, as they say when your little one smiles at you , it is all worth it โค๏ธ


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