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Things a new mom wants /wishes her husband would have known

As a new mom or I would rather say as a parent be it mom or dad, we go through so many emotions and stress about everything and anything..

Its overwhelming to have a tiny little human who always wants your attention all of a sudden when only yesterday everything was only about you as a couple or just you. It’s even more traumatising for a girl I would say , having gone through mental, physical , emotional turmoil during labour. Sometimes as a partner you won’t even recognise the behavioural changes that happens with a woman who had just had a baby. Hell, she herself wouldn’t understand. What would you do? Here are certain pointers to help you around the time until she is up and about almost herself again.

1. She will need a lot of pampering from you especially like how you guys were together before baby happened sometimes and other times she just wants some space. Give her time she will when you feel she needs space but don’t let go always.

2. She would not want to be social at all be it her relatives or yours. She would hate having visitors around. She would rather sleep or be with you and the baby.

3. For some women depression happens before you can even spell the baby’s name.. It’s because she has gone through so much of trauma and her happiness hormone is yet to be secreted ( yes , there is an hormone for it ). Just make sure you say the right words or at least stand by her.

4. She will not feel beautiful, infact, she will feel her ugliest during these days. Don’t go around telling her to lose her weight or point out her stretch marks or worse even comment about it in front of people!! She might have been taking it easy before the baby but definitely not now!!Remember what she has given you!!!

5. She doesn’t want new cloths , she needs them.. Nothing , I mean , nothing is going to fit her , so it is always better to give a hand with it before she points out.

6. If she is staying with her parents away from you , make sure you visit her often or atl east make it a point to talk to her everyday.

7.And nappies, yes you will have to change them definitely !! It’s not her job.

8.She will be over protective of the baby, you know ‘wouldn’t want people to touch the baby, hold the baby , hug the baby’ kind of over protective. Every mom has this thing going on her head.

9. She might be ridiculously fighting for no reason for the baby.. Like if her choices are questioned!! Whatever said and done moms know the best!! So just go with the flow!!

10. She is super possessive of the tiny human and you ( yes,you). Now you guys are her world.

11. Pregnancy shrinks the brain (scientifically proven) , so yes now you know what to expect!!

hopefully ย she is be bouncing back to normalcy in a span of 6 month to a year, until then take care of her guys!! After all she has been through , she deserves the best from you !!


19 thoughts on “Things a new mom wants /wishes her husband would have known

  1. Nice post ! Hope men read it & understand the changes women go through and support them . Also I didn’t know pregnancy shrinks the brain! Now I know the reasons of change in my behaviour

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  2. That is true, it makes life easier for a new mom if her partner understands. But being a new dad has it’s challenges too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. You made me remember by new money days. Actually made me little bit nostalgic with your words. That entertaining friends is so true. Here, in the USA, we don’t have domestic help so that add up to the time for getting back to normal routine. Parents can stay only for a couple of months.


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