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How Motherhood changed me?

It has been a rollercoaster ride , the past one year! Actually If I take pregnancy into account, 2 years! But if i have to relive and alter it, I wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s what Motherhood does to you, isn’t it?

Every mom is a hero in her own right. Fighting the struggles she has to go through.

My journey to the person i am now started Β soon after i heard a little wail on the 4th of October early in the morning! The first wail and the first touch! (Not being melodramatic here).

So, whats changed?

Earlier,i would always shy away from grown up conversations/ arguments. Always taking a back seat while the real grown ups did all the talking and solving. Never wanted to grow and never will. So from a happy go lucky child to a responsible person, Motherhood changed me or should i say enhanced me quite a bit.

My baby also gave a second chance to my own childhood and so we started our journey together

*Motherhood taught me to handle poop, burp,pee and vomit all in a go and being grateful for all this coming out of the little human and a silent prayer that it isn’t all coming together.

*Patience has become my new best friend, in spite of my ear drumming with constant wails ,things shattering, whistling cookers and dirty laundries

*Motherhood taught me to not cringe at my own reflection( both shadow and on the mirror). The little jingles on my love handles and boobs almost saying hello to my tummy! But those adoring eyes and a peck on my cheek tells me that i am the most beautiful mom through my son’s eyes!

*Motherhood did open one more bigger hole in my eyes! (pun intended) !When something happens to somebody else’s baby, tears just wont stop!

*Getting paranoid by the minute! Sometimes i even touch his little nose to see if he is still breathing!

*Hey,it also made me a pro googler! Ask me anything! I swear to give you an answer in 2 mins πŸ™‚

*Motherhood also gave me super powerful instinct! I can smell something is fishy miles away!!

*MOtherhood gave me super powers like running fast to catch baby before taking the fall or swatting the mosquitoes!

*Mherhood made me appreciateΒ a lot of things my mom does for me

*Most of all Motherhood made me a more compassionate person

*On a last note, Motherhood gave me a new wardrobe,a penchant for DIY activities, ability to do everything in one hand and a few dimples on the skin πŸ™‚

Am indebted to Pooja Kawatara for giving me a chance to participate in this Blog Train!This post is part of the Blog Train started by her.Check out her blog here for more details.


I would also like to thank SumiraBhatia,a supermom and fellow blogger for introducing me and would like invite the super talented Elina of Momfunda fame ,a nutritionist,PHD student and a mommy blogger to hop on this train to share her wonderful journey MOtherhood. Check Β out her blog here





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