Why you can tonsure and ear pierce your baby and not feel guilty about it !!

Hey you all , it’s been a while I wrote , not because am a lazy bum but I don’t have the time to rest my bum which is constantly being kicked by one little human that I made 😂😂😂

Anyways, we had a little ceremony of tonsuring and ear piercing for the little one last week and it was pre planned! It was a customary thing that most of the South Indians follow in the name of God. I really want to go against it cause as a mom I don’t want to put my little one in any form of agony .So, I started researching ! And you won’t believe the things I found out.

Tonsuring the baby
Holding my baby steady during the tonsuring

Tonsuring the head and ear piercing is scientifically good for the baby! The science behind tonsuring goes like this – the baby is inside the womb for 9 months absorbing all sort of fluids ( read this as nutrients and shit) and some stays in the body even after birth! It is believed that tonsuring helps in stimulating the follicles and by this excreting the fluids . And it is usually done when the baby is still young. In some cultures outside India , babies as young as 30 days are tonsured for the same reason.

Diy fruits decoration
Some distractions for the little one during the tonsure 🙂

Again ,Ear piercing is again only for girls right? Nope, people said ,do it , keep it for a week and remove it. I was a little scared too cause it’s literally poking the ear lobe and of course there’s is gonna be blood and drama. Blood from him and drama from me 😬 . But again, from an acupuncture point of view , piercing the centre of the lone helps in brain development as it activates the nerves of the developing brain. It also helps in the strengthening of the reproductive system apart from a few other benefits.

Ear piercing
After his ear piercing

But our ancestors had to put in a God factor to these cause us monkey heads won’t waver if we were told that this is a ritual for the God! Slowly we learn the science behind each and every practice of theirs ( atleast a few )

Hope this was informative! Until next time hopefully with a less butt kicking ! God I miss being pregnant


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Reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Anoona from Soul

image.jpegThere are several million reasons why you shouldn’t indulge in buying a Soul Anoona ( which I already did the first time it was released and got a cute little gift too). Here are a few of them

🌟There are not one but five beautiful block colours that Anoona is available in!! Who would want a gorgeous carrier.. All these colours should be used only in garments , right ?

🌟 It Can be carried in four different ways!! Back carry, front carry, front facing carry and side carry! I mean who would want a single carrier for all these ? Duh!

🌟 It is an ultimate new born to toddler carrier . Uh oh , definitely a NO. I would want different carriers at different stages!

🌟 Your baby would feel comfortable in it and would soon forget you 😉 ! He / she will ask you to only wear him/her!

🌟 Again baby would feel super comfortable and would doze off at unlikely moments! Like when we went to a Zumba party and to the beach. Unfortunately I don’t have a decent pic of the Zumba event!

Soul Anoona
Sleepy dust in just 5 mins


Jokes apart, this carrier is truly a blessing!

The padding on the sides and top is adequate enough for the baby to feel comfortable.

The front facing carry is super ergonomic and safe for babies who like to explore their surroundings (like mine). Just make sure you follow their instructions.

Anoona soul

The safety loops are numerous to give support and safety from all sides and it is super comfortable on the shoulders.

Last but not the least, it is super affordable compared to all the other ergonomic  carriers .

So what are you waiting for !!! Ohh yes, you might have to wait as the carriers got sold out after the second time stocking !! Keep tab on Soul page on Insta / Facebook to know about their next stocking!!

Edited to add: Anoona has been re stocked !!

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Things a new mom wants /wishes her husband would have known

As a new mom or I would rather say as a parent be it mom or dad, we go through so many emotions and stress about everything and anything..

Its overwhelming to have a tiny little human who always wants your attention all of a sudden when only yesterday everything was only about you as a couple or just you. It’s even more traumatising for a girl I would say , having gone through mental, physical , emotional turmoil during labour. Sometimes as a partner you won’t even recognise the behavioural changes that happens with a woman who had just had a baby. Hell, she herself wouldn’t understand. What would you do? Here are certain pointers to help you around the time until she is up and about almost herself again.

1. She will need a lot of pampering from you especially like how you guys were together before baby happened sometimes and other times she just wants some space. Give her time she will when you feel she needs space but don’t let go always.

2. She would not want to be social at all be it her relatives or yours. She would hate having visitors around. She would rather sleep or be with you and the baby.

3. For some women depression happens before you can even spell the baby’s name.. It’s because she has gone through so much of trauma and her happiness hormone is yet to be secreted ( yes , there is an hormone for it ). Just make sure you say the right words or at least stand by her.

4. She will not feel beautiful, infact, she will feel her ugliest during these days. Don’t go around telling her to lose her weight or point out her stretch marks or worse even comment about it in front of people!! She might have been taking it easy before the baby but definitely not now!!Remember what she has given you!!!

5. She doesn’t want new cloths , she needs them.. Nothing , I mean , nothing is going to fit her , so it is always better to give a hand with it before she points out.

6. If she is staying with her parents away from you , make sure you visit her often or atl east make it a point to talk to her everyday.

7.And nappies, yes you will have to change them definitely !! It’s not her job.

8.She will be over protective of the baby, you know ‘wouldn’t want people to touch the baby, hold the baby , hug the baby’ kind of over protective. Every mom has this thing going on her head.

9. She might be ridiculously fighting for no reason for the baby.. Like if her choices are questioned!! Whatever said and done moms know the best!! So just go with the flow!!

10. She is super possessive of the tiny human and you ( yes,you). Now you guys are her world.

11. Pregnancy shrinks the brain (scientifically proven) , so yes now you know what to expect!!

hopefully  she is be bouncing back to normalcy in a span of 6 month to a year, until then take care of her guys!! After all she has been through , she deserves the best from you !!

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Mommy Bloggers Meet

image.jpegWhen I was invited for a mommy meet by Baby Chakra and Johnsons & Johnsons , I was a little apprehensive on going as l, after becoming a mom came to know a lot of speculations about J&J product.
Nevertheless I did go cause I really wanted to know what went wrong with the products that my mom pampered me with even up till the age of 15 years!!
The smell of the products brought back memories and would always relate to happy times and babyhood/childhood!

When I reached the place , it was already brimming with fellow mommy bloggers and influencers with babies as young as 4 months!!

I would definitely give it to Baby Chakra for putting together such a good event !! I mean it is not easy to entertain kids and their moms simultaneously with love and care , but they did!!

image.jpeg1.1 The play area for babies and kids by toys on rent
For those of you who dint know about Baby Chakra, they are the social media for moms!! They are a site for the moms by the moms. Your queries about motherhood will be answered , you can shop and also look for any services!! Their app is even more user friendly!!Check out their website here. Also a small video about them here

Coming to J&J, we made tests ourselves to see the difference and why moms all over trust them!!

*Their wipes has moisturiser more than the other brand!!

* Their baby bath converts hard water into normal water for babies skin to hold the moisture


*And their new yet to be launched detergent does the job and smells divine

* Their moisturising lotion makes the babies skin soft and supple by maintaining the moisture

They have also launched baby wash for active babies and kids ( who always ply outside ) with extra fragrance and another bath bar for babies with super sensitive skin!!( clinically sensitive).

The next and most important – why does JJ products vary in smell and texture from place to place was the question asked- it is formulated that way keeping in mind the climate and reviews / ethnicity of the particular country!

Did you know that they also have a luxury product range for moms who want that little extra pampering for their babies?

So the next time if you have any doubts regarding their products , you can either reach out to them on their site’s  care page or you can post a query in Babychakra !!

Review for the yet to be launched laundry detergent for babies coming soon!!

Until next time then 😊


Diaper Bag Essentials

Ever since I had my little one and was in need of a diaper bag I was pretty adamant to not buy alone with cartoons or toy printed diaper bags and I have been searching forever for a nicer version.. I did get a few but they were waaaay past my budget.. Come on who would want to spend 7k on a diaper bag although it looks drool worthy and then I came to know about this awesome brand Baby Jalebi and I grabbed mine as soon as I can.. I love flowers and flowery stuff, so this bag is just perfect!! You can view more designs here 🙂

The best part about it is it can be carried three ways – sling , backpack and shoulder strap.
It has two spacious pockets and one with a zipper along with a compartment for bottles which is insulated and has easy access from the outside too!! (Isn’t this cool?) apart from the ones on the outside.It also comes with its own changing mat. It is just a dream come true bag 🙂 I carried only this bag for little Mr.T for a two day trip !!

So now let me tell you the necessary items inside the bag for a 6 month old infant
1. Water – if you started to give the same – I dint introduce feeding bottles to mine , directly went to a Sippy cup. Featured here is an Avent sipper but to be honest I prefer the Chicco one as it is spill proof too which is very much necessary if your little one does yoga poses like mine

2. I am a cloth diapering mom and hence featured here is the Bumpadum Duet diaper. I have been using cloth diapers for almost 3 months now and I feel bumpadum is the best so far!! The inner shell  is so soft and the absorbency level is super excellent!! You can buy them here.. They also have awesome starter packs for first time users and they have just introduced organic ones( how awesome is that)!!!But do keep in mind that not all brands work for all babies!!( it’s like our lingeries, the same brand doesn’t fit all girls the same) if you are not a cd mommy, No worries , just carry a diaper of your choice. I was using many polo pants for my little one

3. Snacks – I once made a mistake of not taking anything for him and ended up getting stuck in traffic and felt like I failed as a mom 😑 So always carry a snack. I carry Ragi porridge and an apple. ( and a feeder ).

4. Blanket – For the cozy sleepyheads ( as if they sleep ,but a mom can dream ). Features here is his favourite starry Sumer blanket ( not sure from where).

5. Nursing stole – if you are a BF mom then this is a must. This featured here is from momzjoy. It’s super comfortable and trendy and does the work. They also have a wide range of pregnancy and nursing wear that is amazingly in trend and super comfortable. You can check them out here !

6. His favourite teether – Sophie la giraffe .. The one featured here has a delicious vannila flavour,it’s handy and 100% baby safe. It’s the best teether available in the world and is super safe!! You can get yours here at My Baby Babbles

7. Wet Tissue- I have an unscented Mammypoko pop up box of wet tissues.. I don’t function slowly so I end up drying all the wet tissues but not sealing it properly. This box comes handy and can be used with any brand of wet tissues.

8.Wet Bag – This is a life saver if you are using a cloth diaper . Just dumb the soiled or wet garments/ diaper in them until you can laundry it. It’s closed space prevents the formation of any type of organisms. You can get quirky printed ones from any of the cloth diaper vendors.

9. Toys – Especially if your baby is still young, definitely carry his favourite toys. The one featured here is a colour changing , singing rattle.

10. Plush toys- I am a sucker for all things handmade and that’s how I ended up with this beautiful crochet bunny from ConnectZoey , oh and she also makes quilts for babies. You can check out her Instagram page here. She responds pretty soon .

11. I am also a baby wearing mumma. If you would like to know what baby wearing is , there are “n” number of blogs and articles about the same. The one featured here is a ring sling( a type of baby carrier) from Soul. You can learn about different types of baby carriers and Thier benefits on Thier page here

12. A spare set of cloths for your little one and a top for you too ( just in case he/ she vomits😑)

13. Wash Cloth & bib – This is a must if you are going to be feeding the baby

The rest all are for mummas

14.A powerbank- almost as important as your mobile

15.Vanity Kit – lip balm, lip color, hand cream, perfume( always ask for samples when you buy the bigger version), shades,claw clip ,sanitizer and a spray bottle and of course your wallet

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A love letter for my son


This Mother’s Day I though I should do something special and wrote this!! Not sure if I will ever give this to him though.

On 4th October I heard your voice and I was so relieved to see you finally !! The next minute you were taken away from me to be kept separately in a cradle until you are washed and labelled saying you were mine .

I could hear you from where I was lying, kicking your tiny little legs and crying , I knew it was you before I even saw you. I felt myself smiling inspite of the excruting pain that I was in:) and I thought Hello little wonder , welcome to my world and then I made a promise that I will love and cherish and take care of you no matter what. I am not promising to be the best mom in the world but I will try to be the one for you. Love you my dear son ❤️

Days passed and I used to hold you for more than two hours at a time nursing you to sleep, people said don’t hold him too long , it will become a habit and I silently thought so what , how long are you going to let me hold you this close 7 years? 10 years? Or just 2 years ? with you being a boy and all that and so I held on to you until you want me to!!

You will make a face and cry if someone takes you away from me and heart would just swell more with love and happy that all you want is just me

And then all of a sudden you are 7 months old now and I can’t believe how time just flew with you.. I miss those cozy little cuddles that only you me could share for a longer time than what we have now. I miss the tiny little squish that you were when I could hold you with just one hand. I miss the uninterrupted sessions that we shared.

I always talk to during those cuddles and one day I caught you smiling that adorable toothless goofy grin that you had reserved only for me 🙂 How I miss those days

Although am waiting for the days to hold your tiny fingers and walk down the beach or run behind a crab or play in the sand or build sand castles , it’s heartbreaking for me to watch you grow too soon.

Sometimes I don’t even want to share you with anybody ( including your dad ) but I know there are going to be days ahead when you are going to chose your friends over me and I can do nothing about it but silently be happy that you are happy.
I dint know I was missing you until I had you in my life my baby boy. Love you to the moon and back. Although you might hear this from more than one woman in your life! And I hope you do !


My baby My rules!!!

What’s with these over love showering neighbours relatives,people on the road and generally everybody?
Everybody loves babies but isn’t there a general rule to not do certain thing to somebody else’s baby!!
It sure is tough to be a baby in this overgrown world.. Nobody understands Their cues :/

At least you who are reading this and if you are visiting a baby or if you know somebody who is going to be visiting a baby please adhere to certain etiquettes

Rule No.1 Never ever wake up a baby to cuddle!! Isn’t this a basic common sense ? God knows how long it must have taken for the mumma to put her/him to sleep!! Unless you are coming all the way from moon just for a day , you have no rights to wake up a sleeping baby!!

Rule No.2 Eyes are too small, head is too big, baby is too thin, baby is too fat, baby is dark…. I mean who do you think you are? Mom to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?If you don’t have anything nice to say just shut your mouth..

Rule No.3 When you are visiting to see the baby.. Go. See. Return.Simple..You have 15mins maximum.. You might have all the time in the world but they don’t.. (Especially new moms or actually make it a full long year until the baby grows)

Rule No.4 When they say the baby is sleeping respect that poor little human being .. Don’t shout and pull the whole ceiling down .. It will definitely startle the sleeping beauty

Rule No.5 Only pick up baby if the mom offers to you.. I repeat “Only if the MOM!!!” ..Don’t ask permission from the mom.. “Can I please hold the baby?” Although we might smile and say yes , we would have been plotting 100 types of defence in our heads !!

Rule No.6 If the baby cries after you pick up don’t try to soothe her.. It’s definitely not In your hands anymore!! Nobody can help if the baby doesn’t like you right?

Rule No.7 if you are not keeping well, ummm shouldn’t you be home already ?!

Rule No.8 Don’t do surprises!!! We will definitely not open the door !!

Rule No.9 We understand you have much more years of experience than us , but that doesn’t make you the best mom (although you would like to believe so) , so keep your “do this, don’t do this,what are you doing ” to yourself

Rule No.10 The nutrition factor , clean eating , healthier lifestyle or pizza burger lifestyle is all up to the mom and dad or in some cases to the kids..and nobody has any control over it!!!!

Rule No.11 Wash your dirty hands before you touch the baby or get your hands off the baby!!

Rule No.12 Do not stare at a nursing mom especially the new ones who will definitely be uncomfortable.. Duh!!! Like….women get a life!!

Rule No.13 Respect the mom’s decision about anything and everything.. After all nobody wants a malnutrition baby.

Rule No.14 Don’t compare your baby to the other. You never know the trouble each and every mom has to undergo for the baby to look how she /he looks

I just hope people who go to meet a baby will be more considerate at least in our generation.

And for all the new mummas,whatever you do .. Doing it with love is all that matters
Cheers !!! 🙂

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Future sons of India!

Future sons of IndiaI was always under the perception that it is a Himalayan task to bring up a girl baby In this male chauvinistic world. We can all go in rounds and say that we are equal to men and promote feminism but in our hearts we know that not all men are the same.

Very few lucky women would not have gone through any kind of harassment during her lifetime be it in a public transport where men want to lean down on women or on roads where you have to walk fast cause some morons in motorcycle are catcalling you or at work place where you are spoken to looking at you-know-where or sometimes even at home when dear uncle wants to play mommy daddy with you!!  Many girl babies wouldn’t even know what happens to them unless they grow up and identify it as an abuse.

In fact I read an article recently about young kid who was groped playfully by two young boys to see what happens. Her mom had poured her agony why her baby girl had to go through this. And this recent mass molestation incident in Bangalore got me thinking what is wrong with the men?

Now that I have a baby boy myself , I have a huge responsibility on my shoulder in bringing him this is an Himalayan task!!

Let’s  catch them when they are babies!

Teach them to empathize with the women in their lives!

Teach them to cook, clean along with cars and bikes !

Teach them to respect women and give her the space she deserves !

Teach them to take no for an answer!

Teach them that movies are all fake . An average looking guy will stalk and love a girl and girl will reciprocate only in movies!

Teach them that they deserve the best and so does any girl!

Teach them to stand up for girls and for themselves!

Teach them to grow  above their ego .If the woman in their life is going to be earning more teach them to appreciate it !

Teach them how to not sexualize and itemize all women like Bollywood does!

Teach them to be a gentleman

Lets make the future sons of India a Better human being.Lets make India safe for our daughters.Lets make a resolution!Of course every son is a darling to them but let’s not spoil them instead let’s bring them up with ethics! Let’s be those new age moms:)

Dads and granddads , your son and grandchild are closely watching and learning from you, make sure you treat the women in your life the same way you want your daughter to be treated!!

P.S. I am not sure if it is a myth but babies do listen while they are being nursed.. Start young.. Make gentlemen.. Save the girls.

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V- Sec it is then!!

All they want to know is which gender your baby is !! And then the next big question “Is it normal or C-sec? “.

My big question is why is it called normal when you go through so much of pain.. Hell no it’s not normal to push a cantaloupe sized (or bigger) head and a fully developed little human out through a tiny birth canal. As if this wasn’t labor enough, then comes the episiotomy. Am not sure if this happens abroad but at least  in India this procedure has become mandatory reason being that it heals better if the cut is made by scissor than by pushing.

Everybody you know would just talk about how difficult labor is but nobody talks about the aftermath which I think is even more grueling. Let me just break your bubble if you think labor is the end of your misery. It is actually a piece of cake compared to what is going to be hitting you the next may be 12 months 😂

1. The stitches are going to be painful. You won’t be able to sit,stand/shit properly for almost a month or more- Try sitz bath or mama bear perennial spray for relief apart from pain killers

2.You will have contractions after you deliver eveytime you feed your bub. Don’t worry you are not delivering another baby!!(Although it feels like It)

3. You would develop haemorrhoids or at least you would feel a discomfort whenever you poop- you get over the counter meds / creams and sitz bath also helps.

4. You would have lost control of your sphincter muscles. Don’t worry this is not permanent.Until then you have to bear the brunt.

5.Sleep is a distant dream.And there is nothing you can do about this

6. Many new moms ( including me ) would gain weight too!! ( like that extra baggage that you carried through your pregnancy wasn’t enough). Unless you sweat it it’s going nowhere

7. Cracked and sore nips. Trust me if your nips had a mind of their own or if they can talk ,they would have waged a war against you!! Your little human will be gnawing and munching on it happily!! Try using a nip guard /nip cream for relief.

8. Latching is the new dear word you would learn and will be using more often now

9.You feel like half of your private part is missing .. Fret not its still there intact or it will grow soon.Until then be gentle

10. Intimacy- how can we not talk about this. Well, you will feel like you never ever want to have a physical relationship with your hubby anymore. Don’t worry it’s just a phase and thou shall pass too!!! However if you do feel like it just wait till your doc gives a green signal(which usually is 45-60days)

So after going through all this No am not calling it normal delivery , if anything am calling it a Vaginal section just like Caesarian section.

All this drama is only for V-sec , C- sec has its own set of drama and girls who go through it have to have  a different set of strength..

Hang in there all you supergirlies, as they say when your little one smiles at you , it is all worth it ❤️