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Love for Babywearing

A lot have been heard, written and spoken about baby-wearing already and so it needs no introduction here. As a millennial mom, we do have access to a lot of information online and otherwise too. Nevertheless I am going to be giving you a gist of what babywearing is, its benefits and a little more about my favorite  carrier too.

I would start by saying babywearing is an art by itself. An art of carrying your new born to toddler securely and comfortably on you and going about your everyday chores hands free. It has , is and will be a savior for a lot of moms/ dads during the initial stages of parenting  from sleepless nights, colic babies, teething, general toddler tantrums, cranky toddlers to vaccine visits( of course the difficulty continues later too  but hey you sort of get used to it 🙂 )

The benefits of baby wearing is not only making you hands free but the list just only starts there.

*Healthwise, it promotes better digestion during the early stages

*It helps in promoting attachment parenting which in turn has a lot of benefits. More on this in my next blog may be

*Babies sleep well and less fussy

*Helps in steady weight gain in preemies too and promotes some crucial developments for them

*Helps/promotes in cognitive ans social skills as they hear/ observe us.


*Breastfeeding made easy in public ( wear them and nurse them)

*The weight of the baby is evenly distributed and hence less pressure on the spine

*Walk more and hence chances of loosing weight

*If you ,like me don’t like strangers grabbing/touching/lifting your baby, baby wearing helps you in that too!!Keeps them close.

But all these comes down to choosing the right one. Not all products available on the market are ergonomic. There are different typea of carrier ranging from full buckles to wraps for the beginners to people who are familiar with wrapping the baby.

I have tried a lot od Indian ergonomic brands and my favourite for now is Kolkol.

My first ever carrier was also Kolkol incidentally, but I had got a meh dai. Its a full buckle meet wrap kind of a carrier and I loved the concept .Unfortunately Tanny didn’t have the patience to hold on until I tie him up,so I had give up. Next i went for a ring sling and stayed with it for a while bedore switching to a couple of more full buckles (from other brands)  which I wasnt very comfortable with. Funally, I thought babywearing isnt for me until I tried Kolkol compact and fell in love with it.

Got one immediately and have been using it ever since.

What I loved about compact is

-True to its name, it is super compact and doesn’t need a lot of space

-The shoulder padding that Kolkol gives is beyond comfort. Its easy on your shoulders and doesnt cause any trouble even during longer hours of using the carrier.

-The waist belt ,which also is a primitive part of the carrier is sturdy and does the job perfectly.

– There are just simple buckles to fasten and easier to use for first timers.

I have also tried Leela ( Kolkol’s newborn to toddler carrier)  which also boasts of similar comfort.

On the whole and since I have been tryimg a lot of other brands too, I can safely say that Kolkol is and will always be my Favourite. Again, this is completely based on my experience .If you still have doubts about  choosing the right one for you, try it before buying it from your local babywearing libraray or Kolkol has an excellent travelling program for moms to try before buying.

Good luck wearing your baby.


Juniors Fashion Week Chennai Edition


Juniors Fashion Week

So, if guys have been following me on Instagram and watching my stories, you would know that i had recently witnessed our very own Chennai’s one of a kind Edutainment event – Juniors’ Fashion Week that took place on the 21st of October at Westin, Velacherry. It was their 23rd edition and man was it a show!!! The decor, kids , amenities,volunteers and the brands were all amazing.

I  have been a part of Juniors Fashion Week, Chennai for the past two seasons. The last time it had some amazing Brands and this season it was even bigger and better.

We witnessed some of the most amazing global brands on the ramp showcased by little fashionistas from Namma Chennai. The entire show/event was planned so well keeping in mind the needs of the little ones and their family , media and audience.

They had separate play areas and dining areas too for the participating kids. The kids had an amazing time on not only on stage and in the green room too. The event majorly focuses between four to fourteen years. The participating kids were trained by the best of the industry in grooming, self-confidence and the likes of it.

The event started of with kids sashaying down in The Children’s Place ensemble. And then went on to Luxury Global Brands – Little Marc Jacobs,DKNY, Hugo Boss, Billiebush And Timberland presented by Kids Around.

The evening Show had US Polo and Flying machine showcasing their AW’18 Collection. The entire event oozed of luxury and fashion and of course cuteness.

A special mention to the multi talented choreographer of the show – Ms. Jessica Gomes Surana who had meticulously trained the young ones for the show in the language they know – “fun”.

On the whole I had an amazing time making me all nostalgic of when i used to attend the Adult Fashion Weeks. I coulf literally feel the same energy or more from these little ones too.


Untile next time, then!!!




Review · Staycation

Family On Board @ Intercontinental Resorts,Chennai

Spending precious time together as a family is what we all struggle in today’s Busy World , be it as a couple or as a parent or with yourself (moms would know how much this means although it sounds boring)

Evenings at Intercontinental Resorts,ECR

So a beautiful beach property away the busy hustle of the city with amazing hospitality invites you for a Family on Board weekend , you jump at the chance without even batting your eyelids.

Tanny being welcomed at ICC

After landing at the resort , I knew I had made the right decision. It’s the most kids’ friendly resort I have ever been to in the recent times. They made sure the entire stay was not only comfortable but also took all the pain to make it luxurious and eventful.

The entire weekend was planned meticulously keeping in mind the moms ,dads and kids of all ages!!

We were greeted by the Lovely concierge and ushered straight away to a cozy spa session both for momma and baby .

While I had my relaxing spa experience after almost 2 years , Tanny was entertained and taken care of by the lovely people at the Spa. The day had just started ! And it only gets better from here !

The spread right after the spa session was a toddler’s delight! From chocolate cookies to little bit sized burgers , minion shaped sweets and fresh juices , even the fussiest of the eaters will be tempted ( which is what happened with mine)

Dont miss out the Superheroes

And then there was an open theatre planned near the sea ( aah! just writing about it makes me want to go back)! We also build a tent all by ourselves and enjoyed the view while mommies and the little were pampered with cakes and drinks!

When we finally went back to the room to freshen up for our dinner.. this boy was delighted to find apples and sweets in our welcome basket ! He soon found his cozy favourite spot and yapped away while mommy was getting ready for the dinner

Tao of Peng,their authentic chinese restaurant not only boasts of a cozy interior but also an award winning chef himself and some amazing dishes for us! They took the pain to make roti and sabzi only for Tanny although he was more interested in my Cantonese Fried rice ( kids I tell u!!!!)

Mumblebumble, intercontinental resort,
At the Tao Of Peng restaurant

The next morning was all about lounging , swimming and stuffing ourselves again in the enormous spread at Melting Pot , another restaurant within the resort !

So basically if you are staying , you don’t have to come out to experience serenity!! There’s sea ( which is almost private), in house restaurants and their new concept restaurant Kokommo ( A beach shack) and a spa by Escenza ! Adding to this is the hospitality that the entire staff had showered in us ! It is truly a delightful place to unwind, relax, be yourself and let pampered !


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An ode to single moms living with thier husband!

As  world celebrates the International Women’s day , we the bunch of bloggers have come together with Neha from , Deepali from and Anubhuti from to rejoice this spirit of womanhood.

I would like to thank Neha from who so kindly introduced me and also welcome Simran from seamlessymphonywho will be joining us tomorrow! Go give them a thumps up.

Women's Day

When I was in my tweens and twenties, I was super judgmental about a lot of things and one among them was DIVORCE. I used to think people with fickle minds and stubborn asses were the only ones who were divorcing left right and center and that too after a baby! How could people be so cruel.

But now that am older and wiser and understand the nuances of life to a better extent, really applaud those courageous souls who have had the balls to take a better decision and didn’t just bend the way society asked them to!Rather they wanted to live their life thier way! I sincerely dedicate this women’s day to single moms! I have come across a lot of phataka moms doing a great job.

And am really glad that our society is moving towards an open mind for women who dare to face life single handed my with a baby. Not only a baby but also household and an excellent career alongside! Kudos to the women!

I guess childbirth gives you a lot of inner strength and confidence that no other experience can give. It gives you an insane power.

This aside now, let’s come talk about something that more than 70% of the households face, Single moms living with their husband or in laws. Yes, am talking about #soloparenting, us women who live with our husband / in laws but still get no required help for varied reasons.
1.No time.There are some genuine men who struggle to find time. And then there are others who try to find more excuses.
2.Doesn’t know to take care , cause he is such a spoiled brat.
3. Always traveling for work. This lot of men are the pitiest.
4.Because he could be a fat head who thinks its a women’s duty.
5. Not set his priorities right.

And so many more.
How do you tackle life with a tiny little hand tugging at you every single minute!?
Well, patience is the only trusted and tested way!

1.Try and loosen up a little bit by putting on loud music on your headphones and zone out
2.Talk to your husband, chances are, he thinks you are handling everything yourself really well and wouldn’t know that help is required.
3. Ask for help in politely or slyly (whichever best suits your partner)
4.Dont ever self pity! It’s the worst kind of pity.
5. Keep insisting about dad and baby bond and how good it is in the longer run whenever you get the chance.
6. Make sure you leave them both alone for atleast 30 mins a day
7. Don’t neglect him, make sure you do everything you used to do before the baby came in ( like cooking special meals, etc) . I know it’s tedious but try and do OPOS. A lot of recipes are available online.
8. Last but not the least, don’t hesitate to ask for help when and if required.

Hope this helps you guys! Is there something that you would like to add? Do let me know! Good luck!

Also adding a few lines here with respect to women who struggle ! We , as a fellow women/ mom should understand and help each other rather than start judging ! Somewhere someone once wrote that women are women’s worst enemies. I genuinely think our generation has walked past this and the upcoming ones will not be !

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Importance of car seats for babies!

This is a Sponsored post

Hey peeps ! So today after a long long time , we will be looking at the importance of car  seats and why it should be mandatory in India too!

Car seat is a new concept that is picking up at good rate in India but not everybody goes for it considering the number of sales in family cars ( hatchbacks) in India! You can also rent car seats for short journeys and get always if not buy just to try out a few options of which suits you and your baby! There are three types

💁🏻Infant carry cot and car seats which is rear facing always

💁🏻Toddler car seats both rear and front facing

💁🏻Booster seats for older kids

The impact during an accident is cushioned by a good car seat to prevent any fatalities or even unnecessary fractures.Indian roads are not upto standard and the road safety is one of the major problem all over the country. Stastustics say that every 6 mins one person die in road accidents.

Car seats

According to a recent research by the US Road safety norms, usage of car seats can prevent fatal accidents by 71% in infants and 45% to 57% in toddlers! Isn’t that a huge number ? Not only does using a car seat is advised but the right usage is more important! And this is where Cars.Cars.comcom can help you!

This website extensively cover on different car brands and how car seats can be compatible with them apart from a lot of other important things like family cars, second hand cars and the likes!

Check them to know more about the safety aspects and if the car seats are compatible with your car check Here

Vroom vroom ! Until next time ! Stay blessed !

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So, why cloth diaper?

Well, why not was my answer! I learnt about cloth diapering when i was randomly stalking a few of the Instagrammers ( when i was preggie) !! And when i had just joined Insta. It was a new term and i wanted to explore more because

My mom always kept saying NO to diapers.

Every Mom i knew was struggling with diaper rashes

With further research i found out that these are 100 % organic/ natural fabric or man made which is skin friendly and re usable!!! BINGO! Which definitely means it will be pocket friendly too!!!

But most of the ones i came across were super expensive and i thought forget it, i will use normal ones and that’s  when i came across SUPERBOTTOMS. Whats more,you ask? It is MADE IN INDIA, Double BINGO!!

We started out CD (Cloth Diapering) jouney when little was just 2 months old!And no looking back ever since.


  • Night time diapering made easy! It stays upto 8 to 9 hours on the bum without a leak once its fully prepped ( You can check out their site to know more about this process here) SUPER ABSORBENT
  • The inserts are made from 100% skin friendly fabrics, so bye bye rashes!SUPER FRIENDLY
  • They have absolutely adorable prints! SUPER CUTE
  • They have the trimmest crotch that does not add bulk to your favorite onsies! (check out the pic below)SUPER TRIM
  • They are the only Indian Brand that has been tested and approved as per US standards ans awarded a CPSIA SUPER BRAND
  • As a brand, they stand true to their word and even their packaging is Eco friendly and re usable. SUPER PRODUCT
  • The entire Team of MOMS are super helpful when it comes  to any queries regarding CD or otherwise too!! SUPER HELPFUL
  • Last but not the least they are the most affordable brand yet!  SUPER AFFORDABLE

And no wonder they are so aptly called Superbottoms.

Little is a year old now am still building his stash. There are different types of diapers and different materials used for an insert! Check out here to know about the same or just message Superbottoms to know more.

Diapering days over? But still love those prints? They have cute wetbags and bibs for little ones.

This is just basic Cloth Diaper for starters. So, give it a try and you will not regret!

Until next time 🙂 Cheers 🙂

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How Motherhood changed me?

It has been a rollercoaster ride , the past one year! Actually If I take pregnancy into account, 2 years! But if i have to relive and alter it, I wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s what Motherhood does to you, isn’t it?

Every mom is a hero in her own right. Fighting the struggles she has to go through.

My journey to the person i am now started  soon after i heard a little wail on the 4th of October early in the morning! The first wail and the first touch! (Not being melodramatic here).

So, whats changed?

Earlier,i would always shy away from grown up conversations/ arguments. Always taking a back seat while the real grown ups did all the talking and solving. Never wanted to grow and never will. So from a happy go lucky child to a responsible person, Motherhood changed me or should i say enhanced me quite a bit.

My baby also gave a second chance to my own childhood and so we started our journey together

*Motherhood taught me to handle poop, burp,pee and vomit all in a go and being grateful for all this coming out of the little human and a silent prayer that it isn’t all coming together.

*Patience has become my new best friend, in spite of my ear drumming with constant wails ,things shattering, whistling cookers and dirty laundries

*Motherhood taught me to not cringe at my own reflection( both shadow and on the mirror). The little jingles on my love handles and boobs almost saying hello to my tummy! But those adoring eyes and a peck on my cheek tells me that i am the most beautiful mom through my son’s eyes!

*Motherhood did open one more bigger hole in my eyes! (pun intended) !When something happens to somebody else’s baby, tears just wont stop!

*Getting paranoid by the minute! Sometimes i even touch his little nose to see if he is still breathing!

*Hey,it also made me a pro googler! Ask me anything! I swear to give you an answer in 2 mins 🙂

*Motherhood also gave me super powerful instinct! I can smell something is fishy miles away!!

*MOtherhood gave me super powers like running fast to catch baby before taking the fall or swatting the mosquitoes!

*Mherhood made me appreciate a lot of things my mom does for me

*Most of all Motherhood made me a more compassionate person

*On a last note, Motherhood gave me a new wardrobe,a penchant for DIY activities, ability to do everything in one hand and a few dimples on the skin 🙂

Am indebted to Pooja Kawatara for giving me a chance to participate in this Blog Train!This post is part of the Blog Train started by her.Check out her blog here for more details.


I would also like to thank SumiraBhatia,a supermom and fellow blogger for introducing me and would like invite the super talented Elina of Momfunda fame ,a nutritionist,PHD student and a mommy blogger to hop on this train to share her wonderful journey MOtherhood. Check  out her blog here






Why you can tonsure and ear pierce your baby and not feel guilty about it !!

Hey you all , it’s been a while I wrote , not because am a lazy bum but I don’t have the time to rest my bum which is constantly being kicked by one little human that I made 😂😂😂

Anyways, we had a little ceremony of tonsuring and ear piercing for the little one last week and it was pre planned! It was a customary thing that most of the South Indians follow in the name of God. I really want to go against it cause as a mom I don’t want to put my little one in any form of agony .So, I started researching ! And you won’t believe the things I found out.

Tonsuring the baby
Holding my baby steady during the tonsuring

Tonsuring the head and ear piercing is scientifically good for the baby! The science behind tonsuring goes like this – the baby is inside the womb for 9 months absorbing all sort of fluids ( read this as nutrients and shit) and some stays in the body even after birth! It is believed that tonsuring helps in stimulating the follicles and by this excreting the fluids . And it is usually done when the baby is still young. In some cultures outside India , babies as young as 30 days are tonsured for the same reason.

Diy fruits decoration
Some distractions for the little one during the tonsure 🙂

Again ,Ear piercing is again only for girls right? Nope, people said ,do it , keep it for a week and remove it. I was a little scared too cause it’s literally poking the ear lobe and of course there’s is gonna be blood and drama. Blood from him and drama from me 😬 . But again, from an acupuncture point of view , piercing the centre of the lone helps in brain development as it activates the nerves of the developing brain. It also helps in the strengthening of the reproductive system apart from a few other benefits.

Ear piercing
After his ear piercing

But our ancestors had to put in a God factor to these cause us monkey heads won’t waver if we were told that this is a ritual for the God! Slowly we learn the science behind each and every practice of theirs ( atleast a few )

Hope this was informative! Until next time hopefully with a less butt kicking ! God I miss being pregnant


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Things a new mom wants /wishes her husband would have known

As a new mom or I would rather say as a parent be it mom or dad, we go through so many emotions and stress about everything and anything..

Its overwhelming to have a tiny little human who always wants your attention all of a sudden when only yesterday everything was only about you as a couple or just you. It’s even more traumatising for a girl I would say , having gone through mental, physical , emotional turmoil during labour. Sometimes as a partner you won’t even recognise the behavioural changes that happens with a woman who had just had a baby. Hell, she herself wouldn’t understand. What would you do? Here are certain pointers to help you around the time until she is up and about almost herself again.

1. She will need a lot of pampering from you especially like how you guys were together before baby happened sometimes and other times she just wants some space. Give her time she will when you feel she needs space but don’t let go always.

2. She would not want to be social at all be it her relatives or yours. She would hate having visitors around. She would rather sleep or be with you and the baby.

3. For some women depression happens before you can even spell the baby’s name.. It’s because she has gone through so much of trauma and her happiness hormone is yet to be secreted ( yes , there is an hormone for it ). Just make sure you say the right words or at least stand by her.

4. She will not feel beautiful, infact, she will feel her ugliest during these days. Don’t go around telling her to lose her weight or point out her stretch marks or worse even comment about it in front of people!! She might have been taking it easy before the baby but definitely not now!!Remember what she has given you!!!

5. She doesn’t want new cloths , she needs them.. Nothing , I mean , nothing is going to fit her , so it is always better to give a hand with it before she points out.

6. If she is staying with her parents away from you , make sure you visit her often or atl east make it a point to talk to her everyday.

7.And nappies, yes you will have to change them definitely !! It’s not her job.

8.She will be over protective of the baby, you know ‘wouldn’t want people to touch the baby, hold the baby , hug the baby’ kind of over protective. Every mom has this thing going on her head.

9. She might be ridiculously fighting for no reason for the baby.. Like if her choices are questioned!! Whatever said and done moms know the best!! So just go with the flow!!

10. She is super possessive of the tiny human and you ( yes,you). Now you guys are her world.

11. Pregnancy shrinks the brain (scientifically proven) , so yes now you know what to expect!!

hopefully  she is be bouncing back to normalcy in a span of 6 month to a year, until then take care of her guys!! After all she has been through , she deserves the best from you !!

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Mommy Bloggers Meet

image.jpegWhen I was invited for a mommy meet by Baby Chakra and Johnsons & Johnsons , I was a little apprehensive on going as l, after becoming a mom came to know a lot of speculations about J&J product.
Nevertheless I did go cause I really wanted to know what went wrong with the products that my mom pampered me with even up till the age of 15 years!!
The smell of the products brought back memories and would always relate to happy times and babyhood/childhood!

When I reached the place , it was already brimming with fellow mommy bloggers and influencers with babies as young as 4 months!!

I would definitely give it to Baby Chakra for putting together such a good event !! I mean it is not easy to entertain kids and their moms simultaneously with love and care , but they did!!

image.jpeg1.1 The play area for babies and kids by toys on rent
For those of you who dint know about Baby Chakra, they are the social media for moms!! They are a site for the moms by the moms. Your queries about motherhood will be answered , you can shop and also look for any services!! Their app is even more user friendly!!Check out their website here. Also a small video about them here

Coming to J&J, we made tests ourselves to see the difference and why moms all over trust them!!

*Their wipes has moisturiser more than the other brand!!

* Their baby bath converts hard water into normal water for babies skin to hold the moisture


*And their new yet to be launched detergent does the job and smells divine

* Their moisturising lotion makes the babies skin soft and supple by maintaining the moisture

They have also launched baby wash for active babies and kids ( who always ply outside ) with extra fragrance and another bath bar for babies with super sensitive skin!!( clinically sensitive).

The next and most important – why does JJ products vary in smell and texture from place to place was the question asked- it is formulated that way keeping in mind the climate and reviews / ethnicity of the particular country!

Did you know that they also have a luxury product range for moms who want that little extra pampering for their babies?

So the next time if you have any doubts regarding their products , you can either reach out to them on their site’s  care page or you can post a query in Babychakra !!

Review for the yet to be launched laundry detergent for babies coming soon!!

Until next time then 😊